Assignment Seven

Until recently I had not thought much about where I got my clothes. Growing up money was tight so we bought the cheapest clothes or had hand me downs. As I get older and start buying my own clothes I have started to buy from sustainable brands when possible, and after Sophie’s presentation I am even more motivated to continue to do so. I was disgusted but not surprised to hear that 57% of clothes end up in landfills. I also found it interesting that as she interviewed people, there was a large lack of knowledge surrounding the subject.

Assignment Six

I have never done any type website design before this class. I think what I noticed most was the different ways my classmates organized their websites, and I plan on altering mine to be more organized and professional looking. While I read about a range of interesting topics on my classmates’ websites, the posts I found most interesting were the ones that had personal connections. For example reading about Kim’s trip to West Virginia and seeing the picture she took herself was particularly captivating.