Assignment Three

Exposure by Bilott has definitely made me think more about environmental law. When I began to look into what other environmental lawyers were doing in the world I was intrigued after reading about Andrew Kimbrell. He was the attorney that took on the case that led the US Supreme Court to declare EPA regulations on greenhouse gases for the first time in US history. In addition to being an attorney he plays large roles in many important organizations, including being the co-Founder of Foundation Earth. The mission of this organization as described on their website is, “…to bring an earth-centered economy into reality through a major rethinking of society implemented via outreach campaigns” ( In addition, he is the President on the Board of Humane Farm Animal Care, this is the organization that gives the Certified Humane label. The more I read about these organizations and the work they are doing the more I want to be involved. I think environmental law, as well as all the directions Kimbrell has taken his career are fascinating. Pushing for change in the way the environment is treated is so important, and I find it promising learning about people like Kimbrell who are pushing for that change in their communities through outreach, but also are able to voice the need for change at a political level.

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